The Study Area

The Southeast Corridor and Near Northeast Heights


Google map of study area boundaries

The interactive map can be used for general reference, or to verify whether specific sites and addresses lie within the study area.

Explanation of Study Area Boundaries

The study area for this phase of cultural assets inventory includes the Southeast Corridor (around the spine of Central Ave/Route 66) as well as the Near Northeast Heights, and the area around the Albuquerque International Sunport.

The Albuquerque cultural assets inventory will be conducted in stages, on a district-by-district basis. The districts, as defined for this project, roughly approximate the quadrants of the city, with some modifications to account for cultural particularities. A cultural assets inventory has already been completed in the Northeast Heights; the Southeast Corridor/Near NE Heights is the second area of the city to participate in the process. Future inventory projects will investigate cultural assets in the North Valley, the South Valley, and Downtown.

We realize that not everyone will agree with these demarcations, but we feel that they are an adequate and helpful way to begin the process of inventorying and locating cultural assets, and building a cultural plan that is appropriately sensitive to local culture within the city. This geographic and cultural breakdown allows us to conduct the assets inventory in manageable phases, while also capturing, as much as possible, the local cultural diversity that makes Albuquerque unique.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions regarding the best way to define these areas of the city. Please share your thoughts!





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