About the Project

Cultural Assets Inventory and Mapping for Albuquerque’s Southeast Corridor and Near Northeast Heights

The goal of this project is to identify and locate cultural resources in Albuquerque’s Southeast Corridor. With the participation of the community, we will produce a report for the City of Albuquerque documenting the cultural assets of this district, as part of the foundation for a city-wide cultural plan. Cultural assets include a wide range of institutions,  places, events and traditions within a community. From performing arts venues to galleries and museums, to parks, seasonal festivals, stories, and recipes, the tangible and intangible assets that constitute local culture are numerous and diverse.

What is a Cultural Assets Inventory?

A cultural assets inventory provides the raw data for later analysis and cultural planning. In the Southeast Corridor, we will collect information from the community through a variety of methods, including a public survey, meetings, interviews and more. Our goal is to reach a comprehensive understanding of local arts and cultural resources, and to learn about the community’s values and priorities for future development.

 Toward a Cultural Plan for the City of Albuquerque

Cultural planning in ABQ is a community-driven process, aimed at preserving and strengthening the artistic and cultural life of the city. The cultural assets inventory lays the groundwork for a democratic, inclusive, and sensitive approach to identifying cultural resources and celebrating the unique heritage and character of Albuquerque’s diverse neighborhoods. The ultimate goal of a city-wide cultural plan is to account for the creative sector as a key part of the city’s economy, and to integrate arts and culture into urban economic development. A cultural plan is not meant to dictate the city’s cultural priorities, but rather to articulate and promote the cultural values and interests of local residents, and to make these the basis for planning and policy.


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